Are you using a face mask with a wrong direction?

Even though more people are using sheet masks recently, there are many of them who use masks in a wrong way as well:

    Apply a mask on unwashed facial skin.

    Sleep while using a mask.

    Leave a mask over time.

    Then, you feel that a mask does not work. That may be because you are using sheet mask in a wrong way.

    One of the favorite activities of Thai girls like Korean girls is using a facial sheet mask.

    Today, it is easy to get sheet masks with a wide selection of brands ranging from cheap to expensive ones at many stores.

    Advantages of sheet masks include restoring and moisturizing skin differently in each formula.

    However, for those who try using sheet masks and feel that it does not work, that may be because you are using sheet mask in a wrong way without knowing it.

    Here are a few mistakes that may commonly happen. Lets see if there are any mistakes that we should correct for the next time using sheet masks.


Not washing the face before applying a sheet mask.

    Many people return from school or work hard and when they want to use a sheet mask to refresh their face, it is just put on skin even though the face has not been cleaned.

    Of course, doing this will not give you the full benefit of the essence in a sheet mask and it will also accumulate dirt to your skin even than usual.

    So next time, no matter how tired you get, before putting a mask on your face.

    You should take a little time to clean the face at least once and may use a toner to pat on the skin, then apply the mask on it.

    Because clean skin will help essence in a sheet mask to be absorbed into the skin better.


Applying skin care before applying a sheet mask.

    Some people want to add moisture to the skin and get used to applying creamy skin care before a sheet mask.

This is not wrong.

    But you do not need to do it because a sheet mask contains the essence of which each brand has fully developed the formula.

    Applying skin care after the finish of the mask will give you a better result.


Not reading instructions on a label.

    Did you know that each mask has different directions? You need to underline that not all sheet masks allow skin care to be applied on the skin after it.

    Because there are sheet masks of some brands must be rinsed off before using skincare routine.

    Those who thought that all of the sheet masks on this planet do not have to be washed out should reconsider.

    If you use a sheet mask in a wrong way, it may cause acne or allergic skin irritations.


    When using a sheet mask next time, you should take a look its label on the back of the mask, read to understand whether or not the mask must be rinsed off for correct use and the best results from using it properly.

    Because facial skin is sensitive, we need to take good care of it. So we hope you will never miss the proper use of your sheet masks anymore.