100% Real Tashima Seaweed

Sheet masks with special production process from dasima natural seaweed which can be found in tropical deep-sea waters with plentiful resources in southern South Korea provides extra protection against harmful UV rays as it contains an antioxidant called ‘Astaxanthin' of which the research has extracted this substance to beauty benefits in the cosmetics and supplements in order to help restore skin.

Premium Quality

With special properties of a quality seaweed sheet masks which are thick, flexible, and firm, it is divided into 2 parts to apply to the facial skin effectively and makes you feel refreshed; and relax and experience the beauty of the sea. It is also rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals which strengthen and smoothen skin for a youthful look.


Natural Extract

To get rid of a problem of dry skin, which causes premature aging, this brightens and whitens skin with a healthy look; deeply moisturizes skin; and leaves skin smooth and soft, giving you naturally youthful skin.