HEIMISH MOISH FACIAL LOTION ( All Type, for all skin types )

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(All Type, for all skin types) 100 ml.

& Tree Heimish Moist Facial Lotion All

    The innovative, non-greasy body lotion with light texture is suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its the natural ingredients that are soothing to protect against acne and retain moisture to the skin, resulting in smooth and firm skin.

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The product refined for more than 12 hours in the production process are created by water vapor, causing a limited quantity. Extracts of herbal distillate can be deeply absorbed into the skin and provide moisture to dehydrated skin. It is also safe for sensitive skin thanks to its 100% natural extracts. In addition to the safe production process, the lotion also helps in preventing acne and wrinkles; lift skin to become smooth and firm, and reduce oil causing acne on the skin.

It contains 5 natural ingredients.

    Chamomile: helps to inhibit bacteria with antioxidants, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, and smoothen skin.

    Sake: helps to inhibit toxins and prevent aging.

    Acacia Collagen: helps to prevent wrinkles, moisturize and makes skin look healthy.

    Gelatin: strengthens the skin, controls oil on the skin, and provides natural moisture.


    After cleansing, apply on facial skin in morning and evening