• Bubbles soft foam gives deep cleansing even into every pores to get soft and moisturized skin.   

        It helps to strengthen skin to become healthy, for all skin types even sensitive skin.

        It helps to remove dead skin cells to give more radiant and brother skin and relieve dryness of skin.

        After cleansing, the skin feels a natural moisture and relaxation.



    It is made from 5 types of 100% natural ingredients (edible), gentle and safe to skin.

        Coconut: helps to nourish and revitalize rough skin to be soft.

        Chamomile: helps to inhibit bacteria with antioxidants, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, and smoothen skin.

        Sake: prevents the aging of the skin, inhibit bacteria and toxic substances.

        Avocado: rich in vitamins A, A1, B2, D, E and essential fatty acids to heal scars and stringent, resulting in soft and moisturized touch.



        Wash your face, use the cleansing foam to rub over the wet face, then rinse it off with clean water.